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I Want To Protect You And Your Fading Smile - ver.2

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Welcome to kiyu_chan's LiveJournal! All my entries are open to public, so do not be afraid of friending me^_^ But I'd appreciate it if you comment once before friending, because I'd feel like I know you just a little better :D
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Hi! Kiyu desu!
Well, who I am? I am an Asian 16-year-old-soon-to-be-17 girl who lives in the peaceloving and snowy land called Norway. If you look on the map, it's the country with the long shore next to Sweeden. Hitsugaya would love Norway ♥ We got lots of snow and ice, and what better to suit him than a land of his own element?
Though it can get pretty hot here at summertimes. Like yesterday, it was 29C inside my house, and today is 2. July 2006.

Some useful facts you might not want to know about kiyu_chan:
»is a cameraWHORE*
»is a sleepyhead**
»is a lazy bum***

* You can see pictures of me everywhere. On my LJ layout, several entries, even here on the user info xD
** I sleep until 3PM if I get the chance to.
*** I do everything in a sloooooow pace. Exept from walking. I always walk superfast xD
I ♥ all my fandoms. As you can see on my user info header, featturing Kiyu(myself), Riku and Sora(Kingdom Hearts), Hitsugaya, Hinamori, and Byakuya(BLEACH), and Gaara and Neji(Naruto). My HUGE obsession right now is the animanga Bleach. Or more specific the pairing HitsuHina

Hitsugaya x Hinamori is love.

Ichigo/Rukia is always ready to fight love.

Hitsugaya is boy genius love.

Momo is devoted love.

Byakuya is misunderstood love.

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