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It's almost time for New Year and fireworks, and I've decided to look at the future with new eyes. My eye sight is really bad. I used to wear glasses, but now I use contact lenses. I thought "Why not add some color?", and so I just ordered two pairs of green contact lenses for myself.
I think I'm a bit of a experimental girl. I always want to try something new, experiment with colors and combinations, and always be bold.
I first started to experiment with hair colors, and now my eye color is the newest thing :3 It's not as if I dislike my eye color, I think brown is a warm and charming color, but I just want to try something new! :D
Most asians buy blue lenses when they buy colored contact lenses, and as you most certianly must know, I'm a bit of a rebel and don't want to be like everyone else. And so I thought I should try green. Another reason for my choice of colors, is because I've always fancied green eyes. AND because green simply is my favorite color.

Like with my other experiments, I'm sure pggang will follow in my wake. At least the most bold ones, like Phuc and maybe Hoa Mi. Oh my. We're known for being "different" in the Buddhism society in Norway. But who cares what other people may think, I certainly do not! :]

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Yuna summoner cosplay

Summoner Yuna cosplay

My most recent costume!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to do any photoshoots in it yet. And now I've cut my hair aswell, so I'll just have to wait until spring when it gets warmer :] In the meanwhile, enjoy the few awesome pictures I got at the photostudio at Desucon 2!

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Kairi Kingdom Hearts II cosplay

Kairi Kingdom Hearts II cosplay

I've decided to reuse my LJ! As you can tell by the date of the previous post, I've been neglecting my LJ for quite some time. Been a whole year, hasn't it? Oh well, what better to start off with than some cosplay pictures! :]

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I just got a job, so I'll be working a lot until christmas. Cosplaying is not a cheap hobby when you live in Norway. Fabrics prices are skyrochetting like hell. One meter of cotton fabric is like 14$. No wonder I get poor so often. Hmph. Oh well, at least I'm making some money now! :D
Yuna summoner cosplay

New cut...AGAIN? O.O

I have no clue why I'm giggling at all xD I just feel like right now. I feel like a dork :3

Anyways, I was at Tine's birthday party on friday and it was so much fun fun♥ I couldn't decide wether I should wear a ribon on my head or not O.o But in the end I settled for the ribon :3 (you can see the white ribon on my head on the pics under the cut btw)

And...did you know I got a new haircut? Err...I figured I wanted oshare kei hair, and therefore went to find a huge yellow SHARP scissor and started cutting wherever I figured needed some cutting X3 So a lot of hair was cut in the end, because it's really short short on the top right now xD I can make it all spiky! And I love the spikyness of it. Teehee :3 But I can't do it without my hairstraightener and hairspray though O_O

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I fancy stripy and checkered patterned clothes! You have no idea how much I fancy them *_* And ribons...ohh ribons♥ Give me ribons for christmas! X3

is just love♥

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Yuna summoner cosplay


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH FINALLY! Kiyu bought herself Kingdom Hearts II! And since my PS2 is dead, Elise[not Eriisu, but Elise] lent me her PS2! OMB I'm sooooooo happy! =D BUT. My brother lent the PS2 DualShock 2 analog control to a friend of him so I haven't been able to play it yet T_T AND. Of course. I can't find the memory card. WHYYYYY? WHY NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN? D:So I won't be able to play until tomorrow evening. Because the guy will bring back what he borrowed. But I still can't find the memory card...O.o

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Good news! I've been cging again! On an old lineart that is. I haven't been very productive at the art front lately. I never am. But that's just because I've been working on my cosplay. And now that I've bought Kingdom Hearts II there will be even less time left for both art and cosplay xD Silly silly me.

Did you know I'm afraid of horror movies like hell? I can't stand horror movies. They really really frighten me off. And now that it's Halloween..well, it doesn't help me alot since everybody want me to go see a horror movie O.o One called "Fritt Vilt" and The Grudge 2 when it comes. No way. There's no way I'm going. Elise(not Eriisu!) tried to force me go see Fritt Vilt, and of course I reused to. So she asked me if we had long curtains at home and I said yes. And guess what. She started telling me about this horror movie which involved long curtains. But before she could even start on it I got crazy and almost attacked her xD I swear it's almost like a phobia xD
The last horror movie I saw was two years ago, and that was the Motorsaw Massacre in Texas. I didn't last long during that. Most people say it's not any scary at all. Well guess what. I think so. I think it's scary as hell.

Never try to tell me any horror movie stories or I might attack you! XD

"The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter"
- Cicero

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Yuna summoner cosplay

Fangirling over Kingdom Hearts II

Stinegurine, a friend of mine, came up with this sugoi(awesome) idea to record our town, burn it on a cd and send it to some people we know in England. So I did. Unfortunately Stinegurine has left Porsgrunn(she doesn't live here anymore T_T), so I did it with another friend of mine, Pucci. Yesh, it was a total blast, and very funny, because I freaked out at the sight of Kingdom Hearts II in the stores XD

Yes, I look totally crap when I fangirl, but it's too funny to watch so I can endure it xD

In EB Games - a games store:
Kiyu: *freaks out at the Kingdom Hearts II shelves*
Pucci: Oh my god look at her. Look at her. She's going crazy! Breath girl! Breath!
Kiyu: *superventilates*

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Yuna summoner cosplay

CGed for the first time in ages

Centuries have past before I once more update my Livejournal. Ok, so it's not that bad, but it's been a long time. High School is a lot of pressure, especially in maths. I don't know how I'm supposed to be able to go medicine after the three obligated years in High School. As of right now my future looks cloudy. No steady way to follow. But I'll make it through. I swear I will.

Did I ever mention how much I love my hair? O_o Well, I adore my haircolor! I don't ever want to go back to black again! Black is such a boring color on Asians. It looks awesome on Scandinavians, but it's just plain and boring on us Asians. But mom refused to let me dye it red once more. You shold have seen her get really mad at me when she really SAW the shade of red my hair was in. What's weird is every other Viet parents(I swear Viet parents are so difficult) in my town think it looks good on me(Phuc's mom even wanted her to have MY color. There's no way I'm going to let her have MY COLOR XD) but MY mother think it's a disaster! How come that happened? xD It's usually the other way around.

Some old pictures under the cut from when I bleached Phuc's hair. Everywhere we go, they all stare at us, they all recognize us - oh yeah baby.

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I wish we could have schooluniforms. I adore schooluniforms. I adore them so much I actually went to school in an outfit I put together which looks exactly like one of those Japanese schooluniforms.

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I haven't CG anything in ages. I haven't been motivated lately, but somehow today I managed to actually do something useful in the art area. Which means I postponed my homework.
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But dang I'm really proud of finally being able to CG again! I still don't have a tablet though. But a friend of mine in 3d year of High School named Bao said she would let me borrow hers while she is in Germany O_O That's just too nice of her! But her littlesister Ngoc(who is in my class btw xD) doesn't know that Bao said she would let me borrow it, and I'm too chicken to ask Ngoc to bring it for me when she doesn't even know >_> I know I'm so stupid T_T

What more, I'm not supposed to write in my journal right now. I'm not supposed to CG either. What I'm supposed to is studying to my math test which will be in 8 hours. I should try to squeeze in some sleep aswell. Better not get up late for school nowadays =_=

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Yuna summoner cosplay

Redhaired Kiyu-chan

Why yes, I never uploaded any pictures from Sweden...and it has been a long time since Sweden now, so I will most likely not upload them at all >_< But I do have some fun news! :D I got RED hair! xD Yes, you heard me, RED indeed. You will find pictures under the cut. The reason why I dyed it red(believe me, nobody thought that I would seriously dye it) is because I'm cosplaying as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II. I made a collage showing the both of us, so you can look for yourself and judge.

WARNING! Big images! But is hopefully worth it ^_^

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After Phuc saw my bleached hair, she suddently wanted to bleach her own hair aswell. Why that little bastard. She always told me I would look totally ugly with bleached(same goes for red) hair, and now she wanna do it D:
Haha xD But yeah, she's coming to my place today, and we're gonna bleach her head. I think I influence people. Now another friend of mine also wants to bleach her hair. GOD: This is so fun! :D

Why, people say I'm the most insane asian in town O_o

My birthday is the 15th August! I'll turn 16. WOAH. I just DON'T look like a sixteen year old girl O_O I'm going to be the shortest girl in High School just like in tenth grade again! xD I'm REALLY around 153cm ? DAMN.

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Yuna summoner cosplay

New haircut! *cough* not really..

What? You say I'm slow at updating my LJ? You gotta be kidding me? O_O

Anyways, I haven't done very much exciting this summer.. just slacking off around at friends and home in my own little town. Doing the usual stuff I do everyday. Except I get to sleep until 3PM..mwhahha xD Mom is so annoying. She busts me every once in a while or so in the middle of the night, threatening to take my com if I don't stop staying up all night on msn or whatever I might find amusing online >__>

Tssh.. I'm just hoping she won't actually take it.

Stine was at my place today. We had fun going nuts in my fruits-and-berries paradis of a garden. I <3 my garden. We got apples, plums, cherries, red currants, rasperries, and last but not least; strawberries<3 And all kind of vegetables. Mum loves her plants, wether it be gorgeous flowers or pretty green salads. But the strawberries are MINE. She can have the other plants. I planted the strawberries. HMPH.

I cut my hair last night. Myself. I always cut it myself. Whaddaya say? It's not safe? Who cares. As long as I don't look like a wreck, it's okay. Pictures under the cut!

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Paopu Designs got a new layout!

Ahh I'm going to Sweeden this friday :D That would be..July, friday 21th. I'm going with my family and other viet families aswell. We're going to be a bunch of people! xD Going to Liseberg, the biggest Theme Park in Sweeden, pretty wellknown outside Sweeden's borders. And tenting. Yes you heard me. TENTING. OMB. I'm going to be gone for a week I think. So sorry if I don't reply your comments until then T_T But there will be lots of pictures when I get home! (Yes I am a camerawhore..)

Woohoo! Sweeden here we come! (yes indeed, I am looking forward to this trip)

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Yuna summoner cosplay

[You shall wake up early when it's summer]

Well let's see. Today was HOT, HOT and even more HOT. I was already up at 10AM. Under normal circumstances I would sleep until 3PM. Okay so I cheated. I didn't go to sleep last night at all xD

But GAWD how incredible it was to have a whole day! Suddently I had so much time to do whatever I wanted. So at 12AM I went out to take some pictures because it was such a nice morning and the sun was shining down and everything was so peaceful ♥

So I demand you to go out and take some pictures too! Well, if it's raining at your place I can to some degree understand, but.. DO TAKE PICTURES! xD

Btw, did I ever mention that I'm a cameraWHORE? I luff the camera, and it's all infected_uterus' fault! She's a godamned camerawhore herself and now she turned me into one aswell!

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OMG I'm so HUNGRY! I made dinner today(how many 15-soon-to-be-16-year-old girls make dinner nowadays? Not many.), but I haven't gotten any myself because of some reason I don't even know. o_O

I made myself a pretty User Info! ^_^ It was a pain to make because of all the coding. It wasn't difficult or anything, but I couldn't use CSS so I had to do it all in html which allows no shortcuts to the styles -_-

Will write some more later. Now I'm off hunting for FOOD!

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